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Electric Fly Swatter

Electric Fly Wwatter Voltage

According to the parameters of Electric Fly Swatter, we can know that the rated voltage of Electric Fly Swatter is 3V, and the working voltage is 2800V. Therefore, we need to pay attention to avoid touching the metal mesh of the electric fly swatter with our hands.

Are electric fly swatters any good?

It has a potent 2800-volt electric grid and, according to the producer, is effective even on large bugs like wasps. The device is said to be so powerful that in some cases the swatted bugs may even explode. But this means that you should handle this electric fly swatter with caution in order not to be hurt.

Can an electric fly swatter shock you?

Because of Electric Fly Swatters kills bees and other insects with high pressure, it will be harmful if we are in contact.

On the other hand, it may be more of a hazard to the user, since it can give you a painful shock if you touch the grid.

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