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  • Fly Repellent Fan - White

Fly Repellent Fan - White

Not only will Fly Repellent Fan keep the flies, bees, mosquitoes, and gnats off of you, Fly Repellent Fan will also do a great job of keeping them off of your cookout meals as well.
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NoFly Pro, the fly repellent fan, can address all the above issues. There is no chemical substance and it uses only physical motion to keep flies away so it does not contaminate the food. The blades are soft to touch and won't hurt children and pets. Not only that you don't have to shoo away flies with hands, the fly repellent fan is safer and more effective than fly swatters, fly sprays and fly papers. NoFly Pro uses ABS material and is RoHS compliant. It is essential to have a small device like a fly repellent fan when you are having a barbecue and outdoor camping. It does not take up a lot of space and you will be pleased of its performance once you used it.

Fly Repellent Fan is the most effective way to keep flies and bees away from your food and drinks. Powered by 2 AA batteries or a micro-USB charging cable,Fly Repellent Fan uses soft fan to repel flies.

Low battery consumption, no radiation, no pollution, environment friendly

Unlike fly swatters and traps, Fly Repellent Fan is the best way to keep flies and bees away from your food indoor and outdoor. It has no chemicals, no smell, and no noise. Its soft blades are safe to touch even to children and pets. You can be rest assured that it's completely safe and effective for picnic, BBQ, tailgating and any other occasions.

BrandFly Repellent Fan
Power output0.09W
Net weight130g
Gross weight148g

Is Fly Repellent Fan safe?

Because the blade of our Fly Repellent Fan is made of soft ABS, so if we accidentally touch the blade, it will not be injured. Its soft blade can even safely contact children and pets, so safe Products will make us feel at ease.

Fly Repellent Fan


The device base includes 4 soft rubber cushions, a battery compartment, and a power switch.

Fly Repellent Fan

Power Supply

The device is powered by 2 AA batteries or a standard micro-USB charging cable (not included).

Fly Repellent Fan


A unique packaging design includes a paper fold to support the body and a pocket to hold the blades in order to prevent damages during transportation.

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