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Fly Repellent Fan - Black

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Although NoFly Pro is just a small fly repellent fan, it can help us in a big way.

When flies land on the food, ourfirst reaction is to shoo them away with hands. But the flies will circle back and land again in seconds. If we use a fly swatter, it will contaminate the food. So are fly spray and other nasty pesticide. Although fly sticky tapes won't contaminate the food, they usually are not placed near the food, so flies may not reach there. So, fly tape and paper can only keep fly away in a small limited area but it cannot protect other food. 

Fly Repellent Fan is the most effective way to keep flies and bees away from your food and drinks. Powered by 2 AA batteries or a micro-USB charging cable, Fly Repellent Fan uses soft fan to repel flies.

Low battery consumption, no radiation, no pollution, environment friendly

Unlike fly swatters and traps, Fly Repellent Fan is the best way to keep flies and bees away from your food indoor and outdoor. It has no chemicals, no smell, and no noise. Its soft blades are safe to touch even to children and pets. You can be rest assured that it's completely safe and effective for picnic, BBQ, tailgating and any other occasions.

BrandFly Repellent Fan
Power output0.09W
Net weight130g
Gross weight148g

NoFly Pro - Black

Laser Printed Marks

The unique and aesthetic marks on the blades are pleasing to the eyes and effective to repel flies.

NoFly Pro - Black

Installation Instructions

The installation instructions contain illustration of the parts and steps that are easy to follow.

NoFly Pro - Black

Design Concept

Inspired by ancient Roman columns, the designers of Fly Repellent Fan perfectly combined the sturdiness of the fan base, the aesthetic tower structure, and the safety blade cap. The goal is to achieve both the functional use of a fly repellent fan and the enjoyment of food and quality time with your friends and family. Fly Repellent Fan is designed to be pleasing to the eyes, safe to kids and pets, and effective to stop flies from ruining your food.

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