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What Mosquito Killer Is Best And Most Effective?

Dec. 20, 2019

Mosquitoes are annoying, not only affects people's work, study and sleep, and, more importantly, the mosquito is the media of many diseases, such as malaria, dengue epidemic encephalitis b, silk worm and etc., summer will come, transmitted diseases into the season, special remind you picked the right methods, actively destroyed mosquito and prevent diseases. Especially young mothers born after 80.90 who have just had a baby.

1. The nets

Yes, mosquito net, no kidding! If you're staying at home or in a hotel with a retro-styled bed bed that you can hang a mosquito net on, bed nets are the best way to keep mosquitoes at bay when you're resting.

Advantage: the advantage of mosquito net since need not say much, the physical deet method that comes down from ancestor begins, absolute safety is not poisonous, and mosquito net still can prevent wind to some extent prevent dust to rise the action that filters air.

Disadvantages: compared with its advantages, the disadvantages of mosquito net are also obvious. First, the bed nets themselves are not very beautiful, and secondly, the use of bed nets is too restrictive, flexibility is too poor; And mosquito net on the one hand filter the air from the wind on the other hand also easy to make the air inside the tent stuffy. So in general bed nets are now used by very few people.

Recommended: polyester fabric. When I was young, I could hang mosquito net on the bed at home, so I used mosquito net since I was young. From their own experience, cotton, linen, silk and other fabrics are either difficult to clean or poor permeability, so I recommend that you want to hang mosquito net at home or choose polyester fabric, polyester fabric is light, soft, clean, easy to wash, not moth, the price is appropriate, is the best mosquito net fabric on the market.


2. Liquid mosquito-repellent incense

Mosquito repellent is another option for household mosquito repellents. It is clear that the mosquito repellent liquid is based on the evolution of mosquito repellent incense, I do not want to discuss here before the use of many years of people still use mosquito repellent incense, because really can not bear the smoke, smoke is choking.

Advantages: no fragrance or clear fragrance, the aroma is not pungent, depending on the brand effect of mosquito repellent liquid is different but overall can achieve the effect of repellent.

Disadvantages: mosquito repellent liquid depends on the electric mosquito killer, the current mosquito repellent liquid bottle itself is larger, plus the electric mosquito killer body and wire restrictions, so the whole mosquito killer is large and not portable.

Recommended: plant fragrance. Personally think in all sorts of mosquito-repellent incense fluid the plant is clear fragrance type smell is the least pungent effect also is more ideal, because oneself used a few brand whole difference is not big, do not make specific recommendation so, choose a bigger brand in general supermarket and then pick out smell also is about the same.


3. The toilet water

When it comes to toilet water, we have to talk about GOD. For so-and-so GOD does not want to introduce, this thing and I age the same age, do not know is I watch it grow up or it watched me grow up.

Advantage: so-and-so God compared to mosquito net mosquito-repellent incense mosquito killer these have a great portability, and summer spray cool and refreshing skin, to a certain extent can also cover the smell!

Disadvantages: although convenient to carry, but the effect of toilet water repellent mosquitoes is really worth discussing, and the duration is not long, spray more acrid spray less useless, also is a hole that can not be filled. And, take so-and-so God to go out not to pass security check ah not to pass security check!!


USB mosquito killer.jpg

USB mosquito killer

4. USB mosquito killer

This is the last recommended today, USB mosquito killer and above all kinds of the biggest feature is to want to go, do not worry about no place to plug the wire, and the effect and durability has been guaranteed.

Advantages: USB power supply, the most convenient power supply. You can plug in a computer in your office, and you can plug in a portable power supply to get it going. And the whole USB mosquito killer like a slightly larger U disk, than the electric mosquito coil a little larger, very convenient to carry out travel, tea chat play mahjong table on the edge of a very convenient! The electric mosquito - repellent incense tablet lasts a long time and will not have the pungent God.

And the most important thing is to be able to go all over the world, whether at home or in the company or in the outside all wrapped up good!

Disadvantages: because of the electric heat, so the summer after use will have a hot feeling, need to pay more attention to.

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