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What Are the Natural Enemies of Flies?

Jun. 11, 2020

Flies endanger humans due to the spread of multiple pathogenic microorganisms. Do you know what the natural enemies of flies are? ?Do you know what flies are afraid of besides mosquito killers, fly swatters, sticky mosquito papers and other fly killing artifacts? Now let's take a look at these things that flies are afraid of together with the fly repellent fan manufacturer!

In the biological world, the natural enemies of flies have three types of predatory natural enemies, parasitic natural enemies and microbial natural enemies:

1. Predatory natural enemies: including frogs, dragonflies, spiders, praying mantises, ants, lizards, geckos, asilid and birds, etc. Chicken manure is the breeding stock of houseflies and stable flies, but there are often ferocious giant pincer mite and earwig prey on fly eggs and fly maggots in feces.

2. Parasitic natural enemies: parasitic wasps such as chrysanthemums and small bees. They often lay their eggs in the fly larvae or pupae. After hatching the larvae, they feed on fly maggots and fly pupae. It was found that 60.4% of the pupae of the hemp flies dug in the spring were killed by parasitic wasps.

3. Natural enemies of microorganisms: Japanese scholars have found that Bacillus Morita can inhibit the breeding of flies.

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What are the flies most afraid of? What plants are flies afraid of?

Some plants have a special aroma or smell, which is harmless to people, while mosquitoes, cockroaches, flies and other pests smell and will stay away. Some of these special aromas or smells can also inhibit or kill bacteria and viruses. These plants include tuberose, pyrethrum, wild chrysanthemum, purple jasmine, lemon, crape myrtle, jasmine, orchid, clove, atractylodes, popcorn, dandelion, mint, etc.

1. Yelaixiang: also known as Yexiangxiang, native to tropical America. The leaves are heart-shaped, and the edges are covered with soft hair. Every summer and autumn, a cluster of yellow-green bell-shaped flowers will bloom in the axils of the leaves. When the moon is on the top of the tree, it will emit a burst of fragrance. This fragrance makes mosquitoes Fear is a good product for mosquito repellent.

2. Lavender: a blue-purple flower with a Mediterranean origin and a flower pattern like wheat ears, usually blooming in June. Lavender itself has an insecticidal effect. People only make it into a sachet and put it in the closet, and some are used in the bedroom to repel mosquitoes.

3. Nepenthes: carnivorous plants, mosquito catcher.

4. Qilixiang: Qilixiang is a small shrub that is evergreen all year round. It forms an umbrella-shaped room with small leaves, dense white flowers, and red fruits. Touching its leaves will feel a thick sweet fragrance, and it has a good mosquito repellent effect.


1. From their individuals: the smaller individuals in the group are generally male, and the larger individuals are generally female;

2. Look at their tummy separately: the tummy of male flies is small and flat, and the tummy of female flies is large and round;

3. Look at their butts divided into females: the buttocks of male flies are round and the buttocks of female flies are pointed.

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