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The Harm of Flies

Mar. 13, 2020

Flies are completely metamorphic insects, and their life history can be divided into eggs, larvae (three instars), pre-pupae, pupae, and adults. Although the life span of a fly is only about one month, its reproductive power is very strong. Flies have very complicated feeding habits and belong to omnivorous flies, which can feed on various substances.

There are flies in the house, appearing on food, biting on the body, etc., it can't be tolerated. Little flies are a big danger. So what is the harm caused by the flies? The following is the introduction of flies by Fly repellent fan Manufacturer.

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Food contamination

The breeding active temperature of house flies, fleas and other flies is 25-35 ℃ (degrees Celsius), and the temperature continues to exceed 42 ℃, the fly eggs and fly pupae will die.

In the home environment, if food is not put in closed containers or stored open, it is very easy to attract flies to spawn or pupate on scented food (housefly spawning, pupae pupae) and contaminate food.

Flies can spread a lot of viruses

Flies are hairy, and the foot pads can secrete mucus. They like to crawl and search for food in human or animal faeces, sputum, vomit, and corpses. It is very easy to attach a large number of pathogens. He stayed on the ground, rubbing his feet and brushing his body when he stopped. The pathogens attached to it quickly polluted food and tableware.

1. Fishy fresh foods are more likely to attract flies.

2. After the food has been left for a short time, the temperature will drop rapidly, close to room temperature, at this time it is the favorite temperature of the flies. In the home environment, if food is not properly stored in closed containers, it is easy to attract fly bites and may even lay eggs quickly.

3. If the food is ready-to-go, take it out as soon as possible, and store the leftover food in the refrigerator as much as possible. Before eating again, reheat to the center temperature above 80°C, and then sterilize it before eating.

Our company provides Custom Fly repellent fan.

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