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How to Use the Mosquito Killer Correctly

Mar. 02, 2020

Spring is here, can summer be far behind? An annoying problem followed, and that was mosquitoes. At present, there are many mosquito repellent products on the market. In addition to the traditional mosquito repellent liquid, mosquito killer lamps are now emerging. The mosquito killing lamp can be divided into three types: electric shock mosquito killing lamp, stick catching mosquito killing lamp, air current mosquito sucking lamp. The air-flow mosquito-absorbing lamp with a fan absorbs mosquitoes through air flow, which causes its death. The mosquito-absorbing mosquito lamp has a small volume and is relatively common in homes at present.

The mosquito-killing light is illuminated by the wind, and mosquitoes can be attracted in any direction, and the killing rate is high. And no pollution is very environmentally friendly, loved by many consumers. We teach you how to use the mosquito killer correctly.


1. For home use

It is best to choose to close the doors or screens or screens, turn off the lights when the sky is dark in the evening, leave the person, and kill the mosquitoes for 2 to 3 hours in a concentrated manner. In summer or during mosquito activity, it can be used every day to eliminate mosquitoes that are not strictly leaked into doors and windows.

2. Use in offices and business places

You can turn on the mosquito and fly traps before turning off work in the evening, and turn off the lights. After overnight trapping, the indoor mosquitoes can be basically eliminated.

3. It is not suitable to buy UV mosquito killer lamps for home use

Ultraviolet rays are mostly long-wave ultraviolet A light, which can penetrate the dermis of the skin. If the human body is exposed for a long time, it will be blackened, it may also accelerate skin aging, wrinkles, and even induce skin cancer.

The above information is provided by Chemical Free Fly repellent fan Manufacturer.

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