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How to Control Flies in Restaurant Kitchen

May. 14, 2020

First you must pay attention to the details of the kitchen. Indoor mosquito killer manufacturer shares with you.

(1) For houseflies and blow flies, it is important to cut off the food sources on which these fly development depends:

1 Ensure food is covered-Flies contact food-borne diseases before we eat

2 Immediately clean up food debris or spilled liquid

3 Clean up food debris under various kitchen utensils

4 Make sure all trash can lids are well closed

5 Keep the compost closed and covered

6 Clean pets in time-not only because pet excrement is an excellent living environment for flies, it is likely that flies will come into contact with these excreta before touching your food.

Electric Fly Swatter

(2) Prevent fly eggs from hatching in stagnant water:

1 Make sure the sewer is unobstructed

2 When worms are found in the sewer, use bleach for treatment

3 Make sure that the sink or gutter is not blocked

4 Large buckets need to be covered

5 Do not leave any standing water (such as in a watering can)

6 Introduce the goldfish into the garden pond and eat the fly larvae

(3) Fly control

First of all, the fly can not be sprayed, so it is easy to leave the drug on the surface of the kitchen furniture, or the corpse of the fly can fall everywhere in the kitchen, unhygienic!

Kill flies:

1. Fly glue paper: spread the glue paper evenly when used, because the glue contains caramel, which can attract flies to forage and be fastened. The sticky flies can't fly, and when battered and struggling, they can buzz and attract other flies. Good quality viscose can last for about a week, and the number of flies can reach hundreds.

2. Electronic Flycatcher: If there are often flies in the house, it can be used as an indoor decoration, and it can be used to lure and kill flies by using a safe high-frequency voltage.

3. Electric flies swatter: When flies and other pests are close to the power grid, they can be sucked into the power grid, and the short-circuit current generated will soon be electrocuted.

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