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How Can I Prevent the Flies Problem?

Jun. 10, 2020

Houseflies are a type of diptera insects, they have a pair of wings. They are also known as "nasty" flies. The housefly is about 1/4 inch long and gray.

Houseflies are found almost everywhere in people's lives. They lay eggs in animal waste, garbage and decaying organic matter.

Housefly infection may not be a major problem, but it can also spread disease. There are many safe and simple ways to prevent or eliminate when they happen. Fly repellent fan manufacturer shares with you.

Are house flies harmful?

In many cases, the infestation of houseflies is often just a hassle. However, house flies can also carry viruses and bacteria, which can spread when they bite. Diseases that houseflies may carry include:

Food poisoning






Eye infections

Tropical infection called yaws

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Prevent housefly infections

The best way to deal with housefly infections is to prevent it first. Make sure that there is no place for them to lay eggs or attract flies.

Make sure your windows, doors and room vents are well sealed and free of holes or other damage.

Use a tightly closed trash can and take it out as soon as the bag is full.

Store food in sealed containers properly.

Do not place dirty dishes or cups outside the counter.

Don't leave grass scraps or rotten leaves near your home.

Turn off outdoor lights as much as possible at night. The flies are attracted by the light.

Avoid using rodenticide to kill rodents, as the corpses will attract flies.

Immediately clean up animal waste, such as cat litter boxes.

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