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Fly Repellent Tips

Mar. 02, 2020

Flies, as a very unique insect animal, have always been a thing that bothers everyone. Therefore, it is very necessary for many people to eliminate the flies in the house. Then Fly repellent fan Manufacturer will introduce to you, how should we eliminate the flies in our house.

The main methods of eliminating flies are:

1. Put some chopped shallots, shallots and garlic in the kitchen.

2. Dried orange peel can be ignited indoors, which can both drive flies and eliminate odors.

3. Spray vinegar indoors to keep flies away.

4. Putting pots of tomatoes indoors can drive flies.

5. Flies hate blue, so you can change the curtains, screens, etc. to blue.


6. There are many flies in summer. If the cleaned food is not noticed, it will be bitten by the flies and contaminate the food. If you put a few washed onions on washed fish, meat or soy products, you will avoid bites from flies.

7. Available fly swatter, fly cage catch, spray insecticide, electric fly killer. When using an electric fan for ventilation, you can add a few drops of wind oil essence to the fan blades, which can also effectively kill flies.

8. Garlic is planted around the flower bed. Its special spicy taste is faint. Trying to plant garlic is definitely the best way to repel mosquitoes. Boil five or six garlic heads in two small bowls of water, soak them in small wooden blocks for 10 minutes, and hang them in the house to get the effect of repellent flies.

9. There is a soil method: tell you an environmentally friendly method, use a large beverage bottle, cut out several small holes that the flies can drill into the lower end, and then put sweets in the bottle, and the flies will smell it. But it can't come out.In a long time, it can catch the flies in a room.

10. Residual tea repellent method: Dry the residual tea leaves and burn them in the toilet or odorous ditch, which can not only expel mosquitoes and flies, but also remove odor.

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