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Why Do Flies Always Rub Their Hands?

Jun. 11, 2020

1. Keep hands and feet clean

The flies are moving everywhere, and there are many dirty substances on the body. If these substances are not removed, the weight of the fly will be increased and the flight will be affected. After touching something, the suckers on its hands and feet stick to the surface of the object when it lands, and it is not easy to walk quickly when it stops. Therefore, that's why does the fly always keep rubbing its hands and feet.

2. Keep taste sensitive

There are taste receptors on the feet of the flies, that is to say, if we humans want to taste, we need to put food in our mouths, but the flies can be tasted with their feet. So when the flies stop, they will continue to dip them around with their feet. After tasting the flavor, they rub it again. The purpose is to clean up the taste receptors, remove the old taste, then dip it again, and try the new one. It's no wonder that after the fly we saw stopped, it always walked around and rubbed its feet while walking. I didn't expect it to taste everywhere.

3. Spread symbiotic bacteria

Whenever the fly flies over the dirt, it will land on it, crawl on it, rub it on its own feet, and stick the bacteria on it to its feet. When the fly finishes this During the mission, it will take off again, and then land on human food, start rubbing the feet, rubbing the bacteria off the feet, the bacteria will fall on the food, the process of bacterial transmission is completed, when people eat these foods At that time, bacteria will enter the human body and parasitize in the human body, and the bacteria are in a symbiotic relationship. Our company provides restaurant kitchen fly repellent fan.



Activity characteristics:

1. Flies are insects that move frequently during the day and have obvious phototaxis. At night, it rests still. The activity and habitat depend on the species, season, temperature and region.

2. In certain seasons, stable rot fly, summer flies, and city flies will also invade the house. Big-headed gold flies, silk green flies, blow flies, flies, and hemp flies are mainly active and inhabit outdoor.

3. The activity of flies is greatly affected by temperature. It can only crawl at 4~7℃, can fly at 10~15℃, and can only feed, mate, and lay eggs above 20℃. It is especially active at 30~35℃. It stops activity at 35~40℃ due to overheating. 45~ Lethal at 47 ℃.

4. Flies are good at flying. The flight speed can reach 6 to 8 kilometers per hour, and the highest flight is 8 to 18 kilometers per day and night.

The above information is provided by natural insect repellent fan manufacturer.

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