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A comprehensive catalogue of Mosquito Control Tools Ⅰ

Mar. 09, 2020

In order to deal with the pervasive mosquito army, a variety of anti-mosquito products are emerging in the market. Which mosquito killer product is the most powerful and does not endanger the health of the family? Electric fly swatter Manufacturer will help you out.

The most traditional tools: mosquito coil, electric mosquito coil, electric mosquito liquid.

The principle is to slowly release a certain amount of mosquito repellent ingredients by heating, so as to achieve the purpose of mosquito prevention, but the premise is that it needs to be used in a relatively closed space. Although these traditional methods are more effective, they are best used with caution if there are elderly people, children or people with poor immunity at home.


A study by the Institute of Public Health of Taiwan University shows that electric mosquito coils release harmful chemicals such as Lenin, toluene, etc. It is recommended to use them half an hour before bedtime and maintain good ventilation.

The most effective tool: mosquito killer.

From the perspective of safety and efficacy, it is the best choice for household mosquito killing.

The mosquito killer mainly uses the sensitivity of mosquitoes to special wavelengths, attracts mosquitoes by photocatalytic carbon dioxide, and instantly kills mosquitoes by using the high-voltage power grid on the periphery. It is smokeless, tasteless, and has low energy consumption. Generally speaking, mosquito killer lamps with more than 8 watts or double tubes work best.

When using mosquito killer lights, it is best to turn off other indoor light sources; suspend them at a height of about 1 meter from the ground, which is the range where mosquitoes often move; mosquito killer lights should often be changed in place, hidden corners, under the table as Best; you can also add water and vinegar to the insect collection box of the mosquito killer lamp, and use the characteristics of mosquitoes like acid to achieve the best mosquito catching effect.

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