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A comprehensive catalogue of Mosquito Control Tools Ⅱ

Mar. 09, 2020

The most interesting tool: electric mosquito swatter.

Because it can kill mosquitoes while moving, it is regarded as the most entertaining mosquito killing tool. Experts believe that the principle of mosquito killing is similar to that of mosquito killers, but because it is a charged device, it is best to keep it out of the reach of children to avoid accidental injury.

Minimum range of tools: mosquito repellent, mosquito repellent patch.

Compared with the previous ones, applying mosquito repellent or applying mosquito repellent stickers on clothing is a good way to achieve self-protection in a small area, and it is more suitable for use when outing or walking.

The main component of the mosquito repellent liquid is decalin or citronellal. When it is applied to the skin, the agent will evaporate with the body temperature, forming a protective film, making mosquitoes dare not approach. It should be noted that, when using, it is best to apply a layer of skin cream, and then apply mosquito repellent to avoid skin allergies; do not spray directly on the wound or rash skin; infants and young children are best not to use it, for children For the most part, mosquito nets or long pants are the best protection.


Most cutting-edge tool: Mosquito software.

Recently, an electronic mosquito repellent software has appeared on the Internet, which is quite popular among white-collar workers. It is understood that the anti-mosquito software mainly uses bionics principles, using computer programs to simulate high-frequency sound waves emitted by natural enemies of mosquitoes such as dragonflies and bats, or to imitate the sound waves of male mosquitoes to make female mosquitoes escape.

This high-frequency sound wave is not electromagnetic and has a frequency higher than the hearing range of the human ear, so it is safer for the human body. Since this software can be downloaded for free online, if you are interested, you can install one to feel this alternative mosquito repellent tool.

The above information is provided by indoor mosquito killer manufacturer.


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