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Can Mosquitoes Transmit COVID-2019?

May. 18, 2020

The World Health Organization explained: "So far, there is no information or evidence that COVID-2019 can be transmitted by mosquitoes." Indoor mosquito killer manufacturer shares with you.

The process of virus transmission by mosquitoes is quite complicated. It is not as simple as sucking the virus out of the patient's blood like a syringe and then injecting it into the blood of healthy people.

Viruses in mosquitoes have to undergo a series of processes such as multiplication and breakthrough of midgut barrier and salivary gland barrier before they can enter another person.

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Viruses that can complete this process have specific characteristics. These viruses are also called mosquito-borne viruses. Coronaviruses are not included in mosquito-borne viruses. Others, such as HIV and influenza viruses, cannot be transmitted by mosquitoes.

COVID-2019 belongs to the genus Coronavirus of the Coronaviridae family. This type of virus only infects vertebrates (mosquitoes are invertebrates!). And COVID-2019 is mainly spread through respiratory droplets and contact, and there is no evidence that the COVID-2019 can be transmitted through mosquitoes.

Therefore, it is possible to judge that the possibility of transmission of the novel coronavirus through mosquitoes is extremely low from both the coronavirus infection target and the known transmission routes of the novel coronavirus.

Although the risk of mosquitoes transmitting the novel coronavirus is extremely low, at the beginning of the Spring Festival, everything recovers and mosquitoes are beginning to move, preparing for the spread of various mosquito-borne diseases such as dengue fever.

Therefore, we still need to remove the accumulated water of various containers and environments as soon as possible, so that mosquitoes can no longer breed and reproduce, reduce the risk of the spread of mosquito-borne diseases in summer, and reduce the harassment of people's lives.

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