The Most Effective Fly Repellent Device

No one wants flies to crawl all over their food. NoFly Pro is a simple and 100% effective to keep flies off your food while you enjoy quality time with friends and family. The blades are strong enough to keep away flies, but soft enough to stop in contact with your hands. Perfectly safe for kids, pets, and the whole family. There are no chemicals, no odor, no noise and no flies.

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Introducing NoFly. It repels flies with a soft spinning fan, which stops in contact with your hands. With 10 inch radius blades, NoFly is 100% effective to all surrounding food. It's perfect for kids, pets, and the whole family. NoFly is ideal for camping, picnics, BBQ’s, weddings, and any other outdoor events. In fact, it works great in restaurant kitchens too. It’s powered by AA batteries or a USB cable. It’s chemical free, odorless and silent. Because the food on your table is a NoFly zone.

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